Affordable Summer Haul♥eBay, AliExpress, BlueNotes, Dollarama, Triangl Dupe

Hi everyone, I know summer is coming to an end, but I hope you enjoy my summer haul anyway. Everything in this haul was super affordable! Also, kittens! Hope you like it!

All prices are in CAD!

What I’m Wearing:
Rainbow tattoo choker($1.30)
Pink sweater(Size XS)($5)(Can’t find it)
♥ Hair clips: From Dollarama a long time ago

Grey, Pink, Yellow, and Purple sports bras($2.11)
Blue sports bra($3.09)
Black, Grey (x2), and Purple crop tops($2.89)
Donut top($1.30)
Black shorts($1.30)
Sheer purple/rose crop top(Size XS)($2.34)
Black Sheer Dress(Size Long)($3.80)
Cat Sweatshirt(Size XS)($5)(Can’t find it)
Leopard print/Tiger/Donut/Foot socks(Can’t find it)
♥ 4 pack socks($2.50): Dollarama
Black/White Triangl Swimsuit Dupes(Size XS)($11.82 USD but I got them for cheaper)
♥ Skull pencil case($2.50): Dollarama
♥ Bobby pins: Dollarama
♥ Hair ties: Dollarama
♥ Lashes($2): Dollarama
♥ Animal pencils($1.50): Dollarama
♥ Lip crayons($3): Dollarama
Fuzzy scrunchy($1.56)
Skull septum ring($1.45)
♥ Black ring(Can’t find it): eBay
Star necklace($0.99)
Spider necklace(Can’t find it)
NYX brow mascara in black($14.24)
♥ Sally Hansen nail polishes: Wal-Mart
♥ Vaseline lip therapy: Wal-Mart
♥ CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser and Moisturizing lotion($15 each): Wal-mart


DIY♥Easy Word Beanie

I know it’s not the season for beanies, but I bought this hat off eBay for a couple of bucks and really didn’t like it, so I decided to spruce it up. This DIY is super simple and only requires basic sewing skills. You can add cat ears, or a kitty face or paws. There are so many possibilities! Have fun with it!